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Post Punk Rock from US

with Comanechi at Rockhal
promoter den Atelier


The genre-bending DIY post-punk rock trio Gossip bring a new level of lyrical power and musical sophistication to their ever-evolving, always-electrifying sound and sensibility. The band was mind-blowing at RAF 2010! Now, Beth Ditto, Gossip’s iconoclastic lead singer and charismatic front-person will be back in the ‘bourg with her chaps… While Gossip incorporate a deft sense of cultural irony into their eclectic album, Music For Men, there’s nothing confusing about the post-punk trio’s musical approach: direct and visceral, pulsing with a raw and unapologetic animal energy, drummer Hannah Blilie’s propulsive rhythms interlocking with Brace Paine’s heart-pounding riffs and Beth’s aggressive and cathartic vocals. Gossip’s new album is one of this year’s most highly-anticipated releases…

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